Cardano Believers

We are actively contributing to the Cardano network. Thus, we are operating  a staking pool called: PeakChain Pool (Ticker: PKCP). We are constantly learning and contributing to the Cardano developers community. We are indeed Plutus Pioneers.

Innovative Environment

PeakChain brand is formed by PeakSoft GmbH, a Software Engineering Company based in Germany. We are building our products in the world-leading quality and car manufacturing country, this will speed up building collaborations with the automobile industry.

Highly Qualified Team

We have robust software engineering expertise and significant experience in connected car projects by the world-leading automobile car maker. We have distinguished Software Quality and Project Management experience: we are indeed PMP®, Scrum and ISTQB Certified.

Our Strategy is about

Building TrustHighly Prioritizing QualityReducing Time to Market

Building TrustHighly prioritizing QualityReducing Time to Market

To prove the feasibility of our new solutions, we are working on a prototype. Most components are implemented and tested successfully.
This prototype will serve as the basic infrastructure for future Cardano connected car projects.

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Fleet Management B2B DApp

Carsharing B2C DApp

Our Partner

Blockchain Europe

Why we have chosen Cardano?

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. Therefore we believe that Cardano is built with the most capabilities to scale and could be used effectively in the automobile industry as an alternative to centralized solutions.